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Thank you for the many inquires about what Dr. Candace and I are currently doing now.  A full response  is lengthy.  This web site will provide some updates as to our lives and interests, and we look forward to partnering or networking with you, if it fits your need and interest.   I continue my mission undeterred and without discouragement for I see improved nutrition through dietary supplementation as the power to prevent compromises in health and wellness and as the pathway to controlling run-away health costs for the USA and the Western Democracies.  Your support is essential to accomplish such a goal.

Dr. Reg McDaniel Receives Innovative Dietary Supplement Product Award

September 5 and 6 2014 was the Emord and Associates Constitutional Law Firm 20th year anniversary. A Circle of Fire Gala was organized with numerous conservative and traditionalist speakers. Multiple awards were given to various persons that have contributed to the continued Constitutional strength of the nation in various ways. H. R. McDaniel, M.D. received the Innovative Dietary Supplement Product award...Read more

Health News

Interviews with clinical study patients with Multiple sclerosis that added enhanced nutrition to their diets and state their improvements in quality of life experienced.

These interviews were conducted by United for Life Foundation of Alabama that has no connection with conducting the study or test dietary supplement. Improvement in diets is not the treatment or cure of disease and only supports the biochemistry of life and normal physiology and body functions, as controlled by the genes orchestrating cellular synthesis.

Published Alzheimer's Clinical Study Summary

A plain language summary of the January 2013 published clinical study conducted at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and the Miami Jewish Health System is available on the web. The lead author speaks in a style and uses a language more suited for the public to understand. Google: "John E. Lewis Ph.D. Alzheimer’s NEWSMAX interview"

46% of patients improved bio-markers of memory and cognition. The remaining 54% did not progress with their dementia in the one year study period of observation and evaluations. Therefore, 100% of these pilot dementia patients, that included advanced cases, received a benefit from enhanced nutrition to support the biochemistry of life, all systems that contribute to the functions of life. These institutions and Dr. Lewis have no commercial interest in the distribution of the test dietary supplement. Improved nutrition is not the treatment of cure of disease and such a modality only supports the normal biochemistry of life and life’s functions. The molecules in food/nutrition are utilized in cellular synthesis to assemble compounds that are bioactive in all life’s functions.

Modern medicine is learning and changing for the better.

One’s smart phone combined with enhanced nutrition will improve care and reduce health care costs while improving quality of life.

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